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Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader (2003-2004/MULTi2/Repack by Sanctuary)
Year: 2003-2004 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Black Isle Studios, Reflexive Entertainment | Published by: Interplay | 907 MB
Genre: Isometric, RPG

In the late 12th century, aka King Richard I the Lionheart led the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. Spirited rubilovo the infidels promised to expand enormously the influence of the Holy See, and to demonstrate, whose religion is kinder. However, after a slew of epic exhausted allies of King pushed off, leaving him in splendid isolation waiting for bribes from Saladin. Bribe was paid nothing. Richard sat down with the army at Acre, the Muslims were to negotiate, and there was something incredible ...

By pointing the cunning advisor, Richard ordered to kill the prisoners, and 3000 to create a magical ritual. As planned by the ritual was terribly wrong to punish an inflammation of appendicitis. But, again, but ... Instead of the expected benefits turned out as always - torn fabric of the universe, and poured out through the gap otherworldly immigrants. Afterthought, Saladin and Richad sharply friends and work together to overcome come in large numbers, closing a loophole.

Alas, all failed to defeat - a lot (to be exact - to the obscene dofiga) demons and spirits has already managed to scatter the earth. For lack of physical bodies, some spirits began to take root at all, and Vizit, others are just hooligans. The world has changed. Magic has become a reality ... [Meaningful ellipsis]
16th century and has come a villain once again tries to open a passage between the worlds. The hero, are you? Do you hear a taint? .. This is your personal demon. Together in one body to save the world more fun.

"Role system SPECIAL (yes, she's been in Fallout)
"The original alternate world of the Middle Ages
"Ghosts, demons and other Pokemon
"Conversations with more than three response options
"Solid assortment of piercing-cutting instruments and spells

Features repack:
In repak includes:
ยปFull English version of Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader 1.1.3021
"Bonus content presell version
"Full Russian translation of Nival and 1C
"Movie logo with 1C. Facilitated the distribution of ***ing a couple of meters.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 98/XP
Processor: 600 MHz
Memory: 128 MB
Video: 2 MB
Sound Card: something somewhere
Hard drive space: ~ 1.6 GB + 1.2 GB of temporary files to install the Russian version

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